high quality sniper 2r tiger eye laser scanner

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Power: AC100-240V 50 / 60Hz
Rated power: 220W
Source: 2R excellent bulb
Photometric data: three beam illumination &#118alues
45010LU * 4180FC 5M
12050LU * 1119FC 10M
5633LU * 523FC 15M
3178LU * 295FC 20M
2276LU * 212FC 25M
Effect: Strobe, dimming, prism and rotation, rotation prototype
Color: 14 colors + white
Pattern: 17 Figure + white iris
Control mode: two kinds of DMX mode (17/21)
Button control layout: 3-pin XLR port
Temperature: -7 ° -40 °
The combined effect of light beam, scanning, laser simulation beam angle of 3 degrees
Prism and rotation: X, Y, Z speed galvanometer
Dimensions: 358 * 268 * 197mm
Weight: 7.5kg 


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